town of carlton
Town of Carlton Waterfall
Visit the Town during fall and see the beaty of our waterfall.
Oak Orchard River: Point Breeze
Take a break from the busy life and visit Point Breeze for some fishing, food or tour the local light house.
town hall
Town of Carlton
14341 Waterport-Carlton Road, Albion, NY 14411
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Town of Carlton Administrative Offices

14341 Waterport-Carlton Road, Albion, NY 14411
Phone: (585) 682-4358
Fax: (585 ) 682-0464

The Town of Carlton would like to thank everyone in the community that came together for the  Celebration to commemorate 200 years.

Town of Carlton History

Carlton’s first settlement was made in 1803 by two brothers, James and William Wadsworth, who soon moved further west in New York State. They were subsequently followed by the Brown, Dunham, Lovewell and Root families who stayed.

Carlton was formed from the Towns of Gaines and Ridgeway on April 13, 1822 and known under the name of Oak Orchard until 1825 when the name was changed to Carlton. It is thought the name Carlton was chosen honoring Sir Guy Carleton (1724 – 1808), who served as Governor of Quebec from 1786 – 1796. Carleton was also a shipbuilding district near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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